Our Mission:

Have you ever wanted to expand your knowledge for the greater good of humanity? Lightwing Center offers guidance, training, and certification to holistic practitioners looking to gain knowledge & experience in the field. We offer all the tools and techniques you need to spread the rejuvenating benefits of aromatherapy, the art of the usage of YOUNG LIVING essential oils, intuition, laying on of hands and much more. Our loyal animal companions are also in need of stress relieving support and wellness. Lightwing Center is conscious of animals and their unspoken stress and ailments. Come to us to learn how to help pets live a long and satisfying life.

With our world filled with constant stressors, enjoying the lives we are privileged to have before us is often postponed. But everyone is capable of improving their quality of life and using their gifts and services to assist others in doing the same. Here at Lightwing Center we are firm believers of this and proudly offer courses and certification classes to help you reduce stress and bring light to, not only your own life, but to the lives of those around you as well. Lightwing Center is a 501c3 nonsectarian religious institution helping to educate those who wish to learn about physical and mental health and wellness. We hold a passion for helping others and want to pass this on to you! That's why Lightwing Center offers courses for minister ordination. Becoming an ordained minister practitioner allows you the sought after spiritual benefits of relieving the mind, body and spirit. Becoming an ordained minister differs from all other ordinations and you will always have a safety net with us.

Now Offering Nursing CE'S (may be applicable for other licensed professionals, please check with your licensing board in your state).

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We believe that everyone is entitled to assist themselves and others in reducing stress and improving their quality of life.

Being a Lightwing Center Minister Practitioner offers you the protection and support of the Ministry for your Expressive Association Activities, including but not limited to all certifications through Lightwing Center. It includes all holistic and/or organic practices.

Ordained Minister Practitioner is privileged to experience the spiritual benefit of the time honored tradition of helping the body, mind and spirit.