AromaHarmony™ Certification

A certification and CE's for Nurses

Introducing a beautiful way of sharing and using essential oils in your practice. AromaHarmony™ Brochure

The FDA has informed many companies in the world of holistic practices that using certain techniques and earning monies from them in their practice crosses the boundaries from self-care to possible treatment.

For all those certified in Raindrop through us, the certification and re-certification can no longer be Raindrop. We have created techniques that are an effective use for oils. It is a topical application course that will explore more than the previous course so all family, friends, and others you choose to help can learn what we have learned. The essential oils are a living intelligence. And with the use of knowledge, intuition and purpose it becomes a wonderful unique opportunity for each person or pet to benefit from these precious oils.

We will be hosting certification and CE's in anointing techniques which will include many valuable ideas.

AromaHarmony™ Certification Requirements

  1. Find the next upcoming course for AromaHarmony™ on the Lightwing Center calender
  2. Contact us with the date and any questions you have through the Lightwing Center contact page
  3. Unless otherwise specified by the calendar event, make a payment through the Lightwing Center payments page
  4. Attend in person the (8 hour) course.
  5. Consent Forms will be given to be used with six people before your certification.
  6. Bring a essential oils pocket reference. (Contact instructor if you do not have one)
  7. You will be requested to send in copies of the original Consent Forms. You must keep your own forms and give the copy to the person you are helping.
  8. Along with the Consent Form we will request your own comments on your experience.
  9. Upon receipt of these forms and comments and approval of them we send your certification papers to you.
  10. Annual renewal with 6 consent forms and $40 renewal fee.