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Holistic Minister Practitioner Ordination

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All certification programs are produced through the Lightwing Center of the LifeSpirit Congregational Church Seminary. LifeSpirit CC established as a 501C3 Section 508 in 1975. Lightwing Center established in 1991.
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We come from all different belief systems of religions and philosophies, and yet there is a common denominator. We are concerned with an over proliferation of synthetic methods of caring for ourselves and our loved ones, including our companion animals. When speaking with members of the Holistic Mom's Network it becomes more apparent that we need to help and offer those with a true belief in a more organic lifestyle, a way to achieve that.


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The Art of Service
Entering the World Within
Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet
Fusion of Soul, Spirit and Self
Meditation, Creative Visualization, Prayer
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The Forbidden Words.

In today's world in the U.S. we may belong to as many different religions as we wish (along with none of course). We may attend a church, synagogue, temple, meditate, pray and become a Minister Practitioner along with the rest.

A Minister Practitioner in the Lightwing Center has the right to offer counseling to anyone who is concerned about vaccinations. Please see below and go to the website of the parent church shown below for further information.

We believe that if we are offering a Certification program (the Raindrop Technique ® is simply the first of several), we know you are going to help others. By offering the Raindrop Technique ® there will be opportunities to assist in other capacities. We want you to be able, with your Ordination, to counsel anyone who is concerned, allow them to become a communicant (member of the church) and issue a Pastoral Letter when and if it is appropriate.

Each religious organization has specific Ministerial Directives. Lightwing Center's refers to all holistic health and spiritual healing practices, including but not limited to Young Living essential oils.
What may not be approved of by government, local or federal, can be acceptable providing it is the Directives issued by a religious body. For example the Code of Federal Regulations states:
Members of the Native American Church are exempt from federal criminal penalties for religious use of peyote. We are a health freedom church dedicated to holistic health practices and Young Living and that is our Ministerial Directive.

Course Requirements

Price: $275


Go to Payment section or send a check made payable to Lightwing Center at 27 Bald Nob Road, Denville, NJ 07834. Or call in with a c.c. or pay on paypal to You can pay a deposit now and the rest on the day or pay in full. Those who are joining last minute pay in person.

Instructors who may need to fly/rent hotel may need to charge more to cover those expenses.

Cancellation Policy for Certification and Ordination programs.

Because of limited space when holding some of these classes here is our cancellation policy.
If we have to cancel you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel:

Full refund up to one week prior to course if paying by check.
75% refund up to 3 days prior to class being held.
No refund 24 hours prior to class. Minus any fees incurred through credit cards and/or paypal.

Every situation is considered since policy is not law, we consider special circumstances.


Thanks to a wonderful group in Knoxville Tennessee for agreeing to get together for a Skype Ordination. This was our first and the ten people attending, according to several, had a great day.
How is this done?
A minimum of three (3) people are needed to set a date. There is no maximum except for the limitations of space.
A gathering place (living room, health center, whatever is comfortable) and it must have a large enough screen on either a television or computer to view and talk with the instructor.
The fee remains at $275.00. $50 of this fee is then sent from the Lightwing Center to the LifeSpirit CC Seminary for it's legal fund. You receive a Letter of Donation.
Letters of Donation are given for all education and services of $75 or more.
We set a date to check on the Skype ability on both ends.
Lightwing Center posts this as a Holistic Minister Ordination using YLEO's (please use that title if posting anywhere like ISHA).
Once we are within a week of the set date we send out the handbooks with enough extra for last minute folks, and a DVD of Ralph Fucetola ( specifically addressing the needs for your safety net.


After teaching in Chicago January, 2013:

Hello Nancy,

This is JoAnna Nunes. I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for the sharing of your energy and time this past Friday and Saturday.

I believe every human being has a responsibility to minister to one another and to themselves.(Which I find even harder!)

What continues to resonate with me is the healing power at our fingertips with Young Living Oils. What a gift. Prior to this past weekend, I looked for absolutes. The perfect answer to every need or question. Now I feel I have been given "permission" to go within and just trust. You helped me throw away the doubt and let in the faith.

I am very excited to review my notes and let information sink in further. (While listening to my C.D. of course!) (Inner Journeys for Healing CD)

I look forward to officially being part of the wonderful Ministry of Lightwing Center- a true reflection of my personal belief system.

Now, time to compose my research paper!

In gratitude,

JoAnna Nunes

LifeSpirit Congregational Church
Statement of Doctrine and Belief
On Vaccination and Other Abominations
Pastoral Counseling Letters
Religious Injunction . . .

The LifeSpririt Congregational Church is a duly recognized group exempt organization.
Federal ID No. 23-7406902, established in 1974.
Date: December 23, 2002
To: LCC Ministers, Elders and Communicants.
Re: By-Law on Religious Beliefs regarding Vaccination

Many of the ministers and elders of the LifeSpirit Congregational Church are deeply troubled by the proliferation of vaccination and the spiritual harm arising from this invasion of the Body Temple, and have asked for Guidance from the Church. Such Guidance has been received directly from Source. This is an obligatory statement of doctrine and belief, binding upon all communicants, their children and companion animals.

The Ministers of the Church are authorized by the Church to engage in pastoral counseling with communicants who are concerned about the morality of vaccination and other abominations, and to issue, when the Minister is reasonably certain of the beliefs of the communicant, a Pastoral Counseling Letter to the communicant attesting to the individual's sincere religious objection to vaccination or other abomination. Such letter may also include minor children, companion animals and other dependents.

Religious Injunction

Thus says the Source: "Thou shalt not allow the entry of abominations and unholiness into the bodies of thine children and thine own selves, for they are Gods’ Temples and sacred unto thine Source."

Source states: "LCC communicants are specifically directed by their ecclesiastical supervisors to object to, and refuse, any of the following unholiness and abominations, entering the Body Temples of themselves or their children as a violation of the free exercise of their religious beliefs and the moral obligations of their religion: the administering of vaccinations, human or other blood, chemo-therapy, radiation and other non-natural remedies are declared to be unholy abominations; the use of injection or otherwise to administer abominations is declared to interfere with the practice of religion."

The making of this Religious Injunction, and adhering to it by communicants, is declared to be the Religious Expression of the LifeSpirit and an exercise of our Expressive Association.

Religious Injunction: Obligations of Communicants and Instructions to Parents

Based upon the consensus of the ministers and elders, this Statement of Doctrine and Religious Injunction is posted on the Church web site,, as a Church By-Law for downloading by all believers and communicants who are hereby authorized to present same to school or other authorities as the basis for our religious objection to any vaccination or other abominations that violates our Belief in the sacred nature of the Person, by including any of the spiritually objectionable substances listed above, or by being administered in violation of the Religious Injunction set forth herein.

Parents are enjoined to object to vaccination upon the ground that the proposed immunization interferes with the free exercise of the pupil’s religious rights and that the administration of vaccination or other abomination interferes with religious belief and exercise, violating the Expressive Association of the communicants.

Thus the Source has spoken, and so it is.

Given in Faith and Love,

Rev. Ralph Fucetola JD
Trustee & Council of Prophets