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Introduction to Lightwing Center

About Us

Rev. Dick and Rev. Nancy Weber formed the Lightwing Center of the LifeSpirit Congregational Church in 1991. Nancy had been a minister in a spiritual church prior to forming the LWC. Both of them have performed countless weddings, baby blessings, and memorials for a combined sixty-five years. In 2010 Nancy, also a nurse with a private practice as a holistic educator and medical intuitive saw changes in the nursing licensing board in New Jersey.

“Energy, touch and healing” were added to the statute making it fraudulent for those without a license to continue their lay practices that include energy, touch and healing. Because Nancy understood that the Medical Practices Act in every state has an exempt clause that allows clergy to practice spiritually based work including energy, touch and healing she chose to put her nursing license inactive for the first time since 1963. Instead she is able to continue her work as an ordained minister in Lightwing Center of the LifeSpirit Congregational Church.

With Ralph Fucetola, JD, retired lawyer and Dick Weber they wrote an ordination manual, a compliance agreement and a Letter of Direction along with a notarized contract. This became the Holistic Minister Practitioner Ordination. Since then many states have created changes in statutes of medical licensing boards.  NY, Pa, Michigan, Texas, Florida, and others are excluding holistic lay practitioners. The ordination is now done either in person or by an online zoom class. Check your state for laws regarding holistic practices if you are concerned.

Being a Lightwing Center Minister Practitioner offers you the protection and support of the Ministry for your Expressive Association Activities, including but not limited to all certifications through Lightwing Center. It includes all holistic and/or organic practices.

Our Ordained Minister Practitioners are privileged to experience the spiritual benefit of the time-honored tradition of helping the body, mind, and spirit.