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4 total contact hours through Provider approved by the California Board of Nursing,
Provider number CEP-3285, for 4 contact hours credit.
Accepted in most mandatory CE states for continuing education credit.
Also accepted for many national certifications. Call for details 1-800-743-4006

Instructor: Rev. Kevin Curtis, M.S., M.A.

The Basic Science of Essential Oils Course Syllabus


Science of Essential Oils is a Certification and CE science course designed to present a detailed analysis of the Chemistry and Biology of essential oils. The role essential oils play in supporting wellness. Chemical constituent and their biological role are discussed in the class.

The Science of Essential Oils course will provide students with the opportunity to study the major components of this science, including:

  1. Basic Chemistry
  2. Basic Biochemistry
  3. Plant metabolism
  4. Secondary metabolites



By the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Differentiate subatomic particles.
  2. Describe basic chemistry reactions.
  3. Classify major biochemical products.
  4. Describe basic photosynthetic products.
  5. Distinguish between primary and secondary metabolism.
  6. Differentiate key constituents of essential oils.
  7. Determine the function of essential oils.
  8. Categorize essential oil modes of action.



Handbook of Lecture slides will be provided.

The Basic Science of Essential Oils Course Certification Requirements

  1. Find the next upcoming course for The Basic Science of Essential Oils on the Lightwing Center calender
  2. Contact us with the date and any questions you have through the Lightwing Center contact page
  3. Unless otherwise specified by the calendar event, make a payment through the Lightwing Center payments page
  4. Attend in person the 3 hour course and pass a 1 hour written test.
  5. Bring a essential oils pocket reference. (Contact instructor if you do not have one)
  6. Application for the 4 Nursing CEs which a completed Certification offers may be declared any time
  7. Nurses and other Licensed Professionals from credentialing organizations that accept Nursing CEs are required to apply and pay a $25 additional fee for the CEs.