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14 total contact hours through Provider approved by the California Board of Nursing,
Provider number CEP-3285, for 14 contact hours credit.
Accepted in most mandatory CE states for continuing education credit.
Also accepted for many national certifications. Call for details 1-800-743-4006

Raindrop Technique® Certification

A certification which makes available 14 CE’s for Nurses for an additional fee

Event Description

Raindrop Technique® is powerful, effective, and non-invasive. The technique uplifts the spirit, relaxes and soothes the mind and body, to help create a sense of equilibrium.

The Raindrop Technique® has quickly become an important tool in the kit of holistic health practitioners. Learn from the best and become certified in Raindrop Technique®. For all those certified in Raindrop Technique® through us, the certification and re-certification process now requires an additional compliance agreement.

Raindrop Technique® Certification Requirements

A certification and 14 CE's for Nurses

  • Find the next upcoming course for Raindrop Technique® on the Lightwing Center calender
  • Contact us with the date and any questions you have through the Lightwing Center contact page
  • Unless otherwise specified by the calendar event, make a payment through the Lightwing Center payments page
  • Attend the in person course for 7 hours of the 14 CE's. Complete 7 hours of clinical independent practice and study.
  • Consent Forms will be given to be used as evidence of your work on six people, this is a necessary submissions to qualify you for your certification.
  • Bring a essential oils pocket reference. (Contact instructor if you do not have one)
  • You will be requested to send in copies of the original Consent Forms. You must keep your own forms and give the copy to the person you are helping.
  • Along with the Consent Form we will request your own comments on your experience.
  • Upon receipt of these forms and comments and approval of them we send your certification papers to you.
  • Annual renewal with 6 commented consent forms and $40 renewal fee.
  • Application for the 14 Nursing CEs which a completed Certification offers must be declared upon course registry
  • Nurses and other Licensed Professionals from credentialing organizations that accept Nursing CEs are required, in addition to the 6 documented Raindrop Technique® sessions, to submit case observations, fill in the provided application and have paid the additional $50 US on registering for the course
  • Yearly Recertifications are eligible for 8 CEs if the case studies are submitted with the Consent Forms and the $35 additional fee

Please Note:

Dress in loose, comfortable clothes. Remove all nail polish and trim fingernails closely. Long hair should be tied back and avoid all fragrances and perfumes other than YL's essential oils. Please use organic personal care products.

What to bring to the event

Please plan on bringing or buying lunch. You will be provided training manuals and Young Living Essential Oils to use during the course. Bring a pen and notepad if you prefer not writing in your manual. Books and additional items related to your practice will be available for sale.