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AromaHarmony™ with YLEO's

Introducing a beautiful way of sharing and using essential oils in your practice.

AromaHarmony™ is a spiritually based essential oil application. Some techniques for anointing the body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils applied with heartfelt intention are: Grounding, Uplifting, Centering, Strengthening, Focusing, Freeing, Relaxing, and Enlightening! These techniques are designed to strengthen the spiritual connection of the body/mind to the infinite source of all that is good and true and kind and loving.

Lightwing Center Instructor Nancy Weber has created techniques that incorporates several choices of Young Living Essential Oils. It is distinctly different from our other EO application trainings. Those people you are called to help may reap benefits using AromaHarmony™. Through knowledge, intuition, and purpose, AromaHarmonyTM provides a unique opportunity to realize the benefit of these precious oils.

The body requires protection, care, and respect because it is holy. This course contains a variety of ways to support our soul's form. The use of essential oils sharpens our intuition and intellect, joining these precious gifts to conceive and apply creative ideas.

Music, crystals, and aromas create a peaceful setting for some. We keep flexibility of choice for both the practitioner and the recipient.

Many of the most powerful uses of essential oils come from ancient tribal wisdom. Incorporating essential oils that are from Young Living farms and partner farms around the globe can enhance a feeling of connectedness.

Prayer and anointing with heart-centered intention to help, begins the session. It can create an atmosphere of belief, hope, love, and peace.

This course is designed to free each person's ability to provide the best of care, using their intuition and knowledge in applying the concepts introduced in AromaHarmony™.