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The Life of a Psychic Detective

This book chronicles Nancy's work as a psychic who received a police badge in 1981 and has been instrumental in finding murderers, rapists, and other criminals. These true stories demonstrate how a psychic works as part of a team, how the gift of sight can find answers from beyond, and how anyone can help make a difference.

The exercises after each chapter are designed to enlighten and empower anyone who seeks to be of service to the world.

To quote the author of "Fort Apache" Tom Walker,

"Skeptical about psychic detectives? Read Nancy's story and find out why this cop isn't."

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Life of a Psychic Detective Testimonials

The Life of the Psychic Detective is the perfect summer read. Her words guide you along as she shines her light on health, hope, and healing. You won't be able to put the book down as she shares her inspiring ability to connect with the other side to solve true crimes.

Lori Lynn -

In reading The Life of the Psychic Detective, I felt as if I was with Nancy on every case. Stories kept my attention in knowing her ability to communicate was honest, reliable and exciting. A must read for anyone that is interested in helping families that are grieving.

- Jane E. Mougey -

"I can highly recommend "The life of a Psychic Detective" by Nancy Orlen Weber. It's is a must-have! A treat for your brain and bookshelf!

It is an amazingly well-written book, easy to read and understand! The true stories from her life journey as a consultant working for police forces with the help of the spirit world are nothing short of incredible! Getting to help put away the bad guys, and at the same time help heal the victims' families, is something the rest of us can only dream of."

- Susanne Rye -

Nancy Orlen Weber Your book arrived yesterday and I finished it a few minutes ago.

Years ago I grabbed you at a convention (when there were 5000 people, not 50,000) because my daughter and her boyfriend had let our cat out and it had been gone overnight. I wanted to know if kitty was ok.

You assured me she was, just frightened, and would return which she did. Those two are married now with two children. He is a detective with the state police. This afternoon that book is going to him!

Thanks, Nancy for not only telling stories but also teaching how to enhance our own intuition. Your messages are always empowering!

- Maggie Burgisser -