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Household Goods Research Papers

Research Papers are a part of the Ordination requirement.

Annmarie Citarella - Toilet Tissues

Jeremiah Delson - Febreze

Susan Erickson - Paper Towels

Jacquelyn Nicole Hines - Toothbrush

Robert David Watkins - Nylon the InvisiblePlastic

Jennifer Ann Booth - Dryer Sheets

Mary Kay Cole - Wooden Spoons

Sara A Brazis - Air Conditioners

Chelsea Young - Hazards of Mattresses

Joel Kightlinger - The Harmful Effects of Cell Phones

Chriss Lackey - Plastic Bags

Jenna Murph - Teflon

Richard Beltran - Stainless Steel Straws

Nicole Lexandra - Plastic Water Bottles

Clarissa Jock - The Plastic Straw

Ralph Brown - Plastic Vs. Paper

Carrie Ann Solorzano - Paper Towels